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The revolution of the automobile sector, through the virtual store

Marketing | Tecnología

The revolution of the automobile sector, through the virtual store

Marketing | Tecnología

Which was
our challenge?

Consolidate a new active sales model, based on the interaction of the brand with potential customers in the online environment, through the approach of the product with the support of digital media and new technologies.

And to open, in short, a new channel in the automotive sector in Spain.

How did we
do it?

CAs a FCA CRM partner since 2007, we have extensive experience in building a multi-channel customer relationship model.

The implementation and consolidation of CRM processes over the years have allowed FCA and Artyco to diversify the means of contact with potential clients, generating excellent results at the level of sales redemption.

Video call attention technology is used in this case to create a real and complete user experience, just as if you were at any Fiat dealer.

In an easy way, specialized Artyco agents accompanied users on a virtual tour where they showed the vehicle in real time through smart glasses, Google Glass (nowadays it is done using the mobile camera).
Contact with the user was completed with the realization of a personalized offer by the agent, which was sent at the time via email, and with which they could go to their nearest dealer.


The opening of this virtual channel by FCA allowed not only to through an original and dynamic experience, but also increased the conversion rates of traditional channels.

A greater approach of the brand to the customer was generated, but also a high engagement towards the brand.

The conversion ratios spoke for themselves about the potential of this incipient channel, and that is that 1 in 2 users who carried out the experience then went through the dealership with a real vehicle offer.

In addition the average evaluation evaluation of the channel by the client, once the experience was completed, touched 9 out of 10. 

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