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Customer Journey Maps design and action levers


Customer Journey Maps design and action levers


Which was
our challenge?

In recent years, competition in this sector has become much more intense due to the breakthrough in the market of Korean manufacturers, as well as intense advertising communication from other German brands.
One of the determining factors detected by Teka to gain a greater market share is to improve the customer experience in all phases of the customer journey.
For this, it is necessary to know how your clients behave, what motivates them, as well as what causes them rejection throughout this process.
The design of a Customer Journey Map in this case is essential for your purposes and as a starting point.

How did we
do it?

A Customer Journey Map reflects the entire path a customer or potential takes from the moment something or someone triggers a series of events that lead them to discover a need, and until they purchase the product or service. But it goes much further. This also includes their experience with the product, their loyalty, or after-sales service, among others.

Customer Journey Maps are oriented to the activity of people, not companies, and as such reflect the natural activities carried out by a person, the intensity of the emotions they feel, whether their expectations have been exceeded or, on the contrary, it has stayed below them. Basically, a Customer Journey Map reflects, independently of the company’s processes and systems, what is the relationship of a person with a product or brand.

Artyco as a company specialized in building CJM got down to work with the aim of giving them a useful photograph ’that would help them detect opportunities and levers of action in order to improve all this process.

Teka has product lines oriented, fundamentally, to two physical spaces – kitchen and bathroom – and customers with a wide spectrum of economic capacities and sociodemographic characteristics.
Being able to cover all possible situations with each line of business and each different client is very difficult to achieve.

In order to provide something that is actionable, from Artyco we create interest clusters where, by types of clients and business lines, we detect the most interesting niches to Teka.

Our solution was based on providing Teka with an extensive catalog of Customer Journey Maps so they could begin to detect improvement points where to focus its actions.
From all this set of niches (more than 30) we decided to focus on 10 that reflect as broadly as possible the business situations relevant to Teka.


The different Customer Journey Maps delivered have allowed Teka to have a catalog of touch points and channels from the customer’s perspective.

These catalogs, which include qualitative elements of the clients, have facilitated them to establish a common language between departments, which, in turn, has allowed them to develop shared actions among them, increasing the quality of the Customer Experience (CX).

This is a living process, since the customer changes, just as the brand itself changes.
Teka’s current challenge is to continue to maintain these Customer Journey Maps and being able to continue acting with a Customer Centric vision.

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