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Implementation of a global CRM management

Tecnología | Business Intelligence

Implementation of a global CRM management

Tecnología | Business Intelligence

Which was
our challenge?

IVIDA is the umbilical cord bank of the Ivi Group, leaders in the conservation of umbilical cord blood cells in babies.

With their consolidated image already in the sector, they wanted to launch a CRM management for their leads, clients and prescribers, which would unify all the information necessary to get to know their public more and more and get exquisite customer service.

How did we
do it?

IVIDA trust in our own CRM solution for the management and development of their relational marketing and CRM actions. The CRM management once started, would also be carried out in artyco, creating strategies, and developing updates, maintenance and support.

In this way, through our Infrastructure, Platform & Software team, we focus on creating a “tailor-made” solution that adapts to systems that IVIDA already works with, such as its Call Center.

In addition, it had to allow the management of all the data necessary for its Marketing strategy and offer each type of client personalized attention based on the life cycle in which it is located.

Finally, we created action stipulated by typologies that would strengthen engagement from the first contact.
The mix of Email Marketing and Telephone Service would make IVIDA a promoter of Healthcare Marketing, booming in those years.


Employees were able to find all relevant customer information in one place.
Providing all users with greater freedom of movement and greater control over actions.

They also obtained a complete view of customer follow-up, increasing satisfaction in the care received and simplifying business processes, making them more efficient.

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