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Increase of leads through a smart pop-ups strategy.


Increase of leads through a smart pop-ups strategy.


Which was
our challenge?

The main objective of the LG Electronics marketing team is to increase the number of quality subscribers. LG has a solid strategy in digital channels that helps to attract traffic to its online store and to clearly show visitors its products, enhance its branding and convert those visits into customers.

How did we
do it?

Before Artyco, LG Electronics used its site as an exhibitor of its products, where the visitors interested, entered and if they decided to make the purchase they did. There wasn’t a real-time interaction with those visitors and a lot of sales opportunities were lost.

By studying the visitors’ behavior and the level of interaction with the brand through Artyco’s own tool, Lead on Site we were able to interact with customers before leaving the site without making a purchase.

We implemented an impact strategy within its website to attract potential customers through pop-ups.


The results obtained were very positive for LG, since thanks to the Lead on Site platform, they were able to convert the largest number of visits to their website into potential customers, as well as learn about web browsing and CRM data, improving their user experience in the purchase phase.

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